Smart Food

The idea of ​​the “Smart Food” application was created by the IXONOS Creative Labs Beijing team based on the following insights:

“By the end of 2012, more than 80 billion photos were uploaded across a variety of social picture platforms. The food photo sharing phenomenon is in full swing with new tools popping up all the time. “

  • My Role: Branding and UX
  • Category: Native Apps
  • Client: WholeFoods
  • Year: 2012

The Opportunity

The opportunity arises from the union of this insight with the needs of consumers, and WholeFoods is able to meet this consumer’s wish in a creative way.

“Take a picture of your plate of food, and upload it to your profile.” Automatically, your dishes will become recipes, which you can share with your contacts. If you like a dish, with just one click you can order it through the WholeFoods page.


  • / Increase the value of the brand WholeFoods on social networks
  • / Improve and make available the Shopping Cart system for users
  • / Find a social need that WholeFoods is capable of solving (social benefit)
  • / Take the brand to the mobile world
  • / Create a benefit to WholeFoods customers (individual benefit)
  • / Make shopping possible in any place (any location)
  • / Increase WholeFoods sales
  • / Make their usual customers become loyal
  • / Open the market to potential customers


The user opens the WholeFoods app and takes a picture of the food that is in front of him. Then he is asked “what are you eating?” and the user types the name of the dish (example: Spaghetti with frutti di mare).

The app connects to the WholeFoods platform which has millions of recipes related to what has been written. Select one (describing below) and it offers the option, via tabs, to buy the ingredients for that recipe. Users can even add or remove other items that they have at home. Once selected, confirm the order and the items will be delivered to the user’s home in a few hours, or if there is a WholeFoods nearby, users can pick up the items at any time. The app allows for order tracking, and users may contact the seller.

You can follow your friends or people you want on your account, and the recipes become part of their profiles. Besides connecting to the most popular social networks, you can share in the corresponding platforms.