Switch your Swatch

At IXONOS Creative Labs Beijing, we had the opportunity to develop ideas from specific insights.

Thanks to the support of the current CEO of the company and alongside my Creative Director, we developed a very interesting campaign for Swatch.

  • My Role: Branding and UX
  • Category: Native Apps
  • Client: Swatch
  • Year: 2012

The Briefing

“Swatch, the largest watch company in the world, celebrates its 30th anniversary. They want to make this date special by launching a global campaign that shows all its models produced throughout its history and return value to the person who owns or has owned a Swatch.”


  • / Show the different models designed by Swatch during its history
  • / Differentiate a Swatch customer as someone who has owned a modern piece that is, casual, fun, creative, intelligent, adaptable …
  • / Collect Swatch consumer profiles
  • / Loyalty to existing customers
  • / Create brand heritage: “I always wear a Swatch”
  • / Market opportunities to new generations
  • / Show the younger generation the value of the brand and the benefits of wearing a Swatch
  • / Swatch is not only a watch, it is belonging to a group


Since 1983, Swatch has been creating and designing for a very varied target market, but with a very similar philosophy. They encourage customers to desire to belong to the “Swatch Community”, becoming loyal and showing them the benefits of belonging to this group.

The idea is to create a platform that gives life to all Swatch watches by connecting all Swatch owners’ social networks. The creation of this campaign will result in Swatch’s own social network platform, it gives life, visibility and value to the brand.

Users access the platform from any mobile device and can see the profile of its own watch or of other users. This provides us with information about cities, and countries where that customer has lived; dates or places where the Swatch has been. All with one goal: give the watch its own pulse. You can keep your own pulse or take part of any other person’s pulse in the community through “Switch your Swatch”. This action will be unique for the brand, as any Swatch owner can change its watch with any other person in the world that belongs to the community. With it, you can have access to all Swatch models in history. The only rule: wear one.