Coca-Cola commissioned us to join their global campaign “The secret formula of Coca-Cola.”

Our goal was to reconnect multicultural American teens with Coca-Cola Classic. For this, we created the integrated campaign of the secret ingredient # 38: Fanhancer.

  • My Role: Art Director
  • Category: Integrated Campaign
  • Client: Coca-Cola
  • Year: 2009, 2010

Urban Dictionary: Fanhancer

Fanhancer is Coca-Cola’s secret ingredient # 38. It provides you with the extra spark & refreshment a fan needs to chant, scream, holler and cheer like there’s no tomorrow.

Whether in the ballpark, the stadium, a concert or arena, you wanna make sure your favorite artists, athletes and performers hear ya loud and clear (even if your mouth’s full with those delectable concession stands nachos).


For 2 years, we developed a huge number of pieces. The majority were digital, since that was where we found the bulk of our audience. All the pieces revolved around the site I’ll leave some examples here:

Digital hub

Twelve Youtube spots Directed by @radical media’s rising stars Zach Merck and Pete McCoubrey

Social Media “Most Valuable Teen Facebook app”, “ Show off your fan skillz playing Guitar Hero 5 online!

Print World cup 2010