Nokia QQ

Product Development

Nokia QQ was my first project as a user experience designer. It was in China and for IXONOS Asia. They needed to develop the design experience for two phones (Hawaii and Titan SS).

Our job was to develop the informative video that appeared when the phone was turned on for the first time. Basically, it generated the setup of the phone for the new user and showed an informative video with the features of the phone.

  • My Role: UX
  • Category: Product Development
  • Client: NOKIA
  • Year: 2012

The beginning of everything…

As it was my first project as a User Experience designer, we decided to start designing very simple mockups with Balsamiq Mockups. Then, we assembled each frame in Photoshop and brought it to life with After Effects. Now that I see it and after years of experience, I realize how rudimentary we were! What a long process to get to production! I’ll leave the videos here. They are nothing out of this world, but just think about the number of phones that were sold (in iPhone era), it makes you think …